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planetmde - Model Driven Engineering ANNOUNCEMENTS

Subject: Model Driven Engineering ANNOUNCEMENTS

PLANETMDE is a mailing list provided as a service to the Model Driven Engineering (MDE) community.

It is in the same line with SEWORLD or DBWORLD, yet this list focuses on MDE. This is not a general purpose list on Software Engineering. The focus on MODEL DRIVEN ENGINEERING is a strong feature of this list

This list is intended primarily for the dissemination of time-sensitive information relevant to the field of MDE research and education. Contributions are very welcome, as long as they are DIRECTLY and EXPLICITELY related to Model Driven Engineering. That is the focus is MDE and we do not want to change this, because this is the value of the list. In other words, planetmde is not a list where to send information about software engineering, databases, etc. They are plenty of lists for that. So help us in keeping this list focused for the benefit of all subscribers. This mailing list is for ANNOUNCEMENT ONLY, so the traffic is quite low.
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